About Phogg Phoundation

Youth Emergency Service, Inc.,

dba The Phogg Phoundation for the Pursuit of Happiness, is a private non-profit (501[c]3) organization dedicated to preserving the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, especially the right to pursue happiness and the right to privacy. While we have a special emphasis on and love for Austin and Texas, our interests are not limited by geographical boundaries. This year, grant recipients include groups working to:

  • reform the criminal justice system, including ending the drug war
  • protect prisoners’ rights and end the death penalty
  • protect civil liberties and human rights, and to end racism and genocide
  • promote peace, and assist victims of war
  • provide health resource, housing and food to all, including meeting the needs of refugees and immigrants, and preserving women’s reproductive rights
  • protect our irreplaceable environment
  • preserve Jewish history, and fight anti-Semitism
  • support Native American rights and dignity
  • provide elders with respect and security
  • build democratic media, preserve historical resources, and oppose censorship
  • support progressive community arts and cultural institutions
  • build self-sufficiency in Third World countries and at home
  • protect domestic and free (“wild”) animals

Please network with other YES, Inc. grantees on this list!

You will find allies across issues and geographical boundaries. In addition to specific memorial gifts, all of our work is dedicated, in loving memory, to former board members and Phogg Phounders Roland O. DeNoie and Susan Ramsey, former Mayor of Austin and YES board founder Jeffrey M. Friedman, to former YES board member Walter ("Terry") Falk, and to our late sister in struggle, Marilyn Jean Buck.

In a year that has seen many foundations forced to reduce their charitable giving, we are especially blessed to be able to increase ours and while not alot of money, we know every little bit helps. While recent political and even economic developments in the US have given rise to hopes for social change, we know this is no time to rest or to assume that our leaders will make the right decisions. We urge you to network with all of our other grantees, to explore common interests, and to find ways to maximize your budgets and human resources through cooperative economics.