Casa Xalteva Study Center
Ken Carpenter
PO Box 4542
Albuquerque, NM 87196-4542
Community school & improvement projects in Nicaragua.

Bruce McNamer, President & CEO
1800 M St., NW, Ste. 1066, South Tower
Washington, DC 20036
202-785-4544 fax
Teaches business, organizational, & entrepreneurial skills to rural people in underdeveloped countries.

Wine to Water
Doc Hendley, Founder & President
703 West King St.
Boone, NC 28607
Raises money for clean-water wells & storage in communities around the world.

The Nobelity Project
Christy Pipkin, Executive Director
PO Box 161925
Austin, TX 78716
Turk & Christy Pipkin's "1000 Voices of Hope" raises funds for projects like Mahiga Hope School in Africa.

Jubilee USA Network
Eric LeCompte, Executive Director
212 East Capitol Street NE
Washington DC 20003
202-783-3566 tel, 202-546-4468 fax
An international alliance of more than 75 groups working for the definitive cancellation of crushing debts in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Save Darfur Coalition
Mark Lotwis, Acting President
1025 Connecticut Ave., NW, Ste. 310
Washington, DC 20036
800-917-2034, 202-467-0001 fax
Urges international action to end genocide in Darfur, East Africa.

We Are Family Foundation
Nancy Hunt, President
P.O. Box 1352
Midtown Station
New York, NY 10018
Builds global coalitions for international summits on worldwide curricula. Builds schools in countries with lowest literacy rates.

American Near East Refugee Aid
William Corcoran, President
1111 14th Street NW, #400
Washington, DC 20005
202-266-9701 fax
Development, health, education, & employment services for Palestinian communities & poor families in the Middle East.

FINCA International, Inc.
Rupert Scofield, President & CEO
1101 14th Street, NW, Eleventh Floor
Washington, DC 20005
202-682-1535 fax
Providing financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs In the worldwide fight against poverty & hunger.

Doctors Without Borders, USA, Inc.
Sophie Delaunay, Executive Director
333 7th Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001-5004
212-679-7016 fax
Emergency medical aid in wars, epidemics, & disasters, & for those who lack health services due to isolation or persecution. Includes a special gift for DWB’s work in Haiti.

Pedals for Progress
Dave Schweidenback, International Operations;
Beverly Merchant, Office Manager
PO Box 312
High Bridge, NJ 08829-0312
908-638-4811, 908-638-4860 fax
In the Third World & beyond, bicyles bring increased productivity & a higher standard of living!

Erin Kliewer, Executive Director
1526 Newton St. NW
Washington, DC 20010
STITCH supports women workers in Central America and the United States in their efforts to plan and carry out organizing campaigns through workshops and leadership training.

Mercy Corps/ Mercy Corps Japan
PO Box 2669, Dept. W
Portland, OR 97208-2669
Their mission is to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities, also working with Japan Tsunami Victims to help affected communities recover emotionally, restart businesses and regain lost jobs.

United To End Genocide
Tom Andrews
3246 Solutions Center, Lockbox #773246
Chicago, IL 60677
202-467-0001 fax
The largest activist organization in America dedicated to preventing and ending genocide and mass atrocities worldwide.