Democratic Media

Information Clearing House
Tom Feeley
PO Box 365
Imperial Beach, CA 91933
Independent media source grown out of frustration at the failure of traditional commercial media to infom the American public, especially as it relates to US foreign policy.

Mike Gray Inc.
8301 Marmont Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90069
323-650-713 fax
Support for a film “The Organizer” about Houston community activist and YES board member Bob Lee.

Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP)
for “Rainbow Coalition”;
Mary M. Lampe, Executive Director
1519 W. Main Street
Houston, TX 77006-4709
Ray Santisteban
1410 S. Presa
San Antonio, TX 78210
To help underwrite a documentary film about the Black Panther Party & the Young Lords Party in the Chicago of the late 60's.

Common Cause
Bob Edgar, President & CEO
1133 19th St., 9th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
Common Cause is dedicated to restoring the core values of American democracy, reinventing an open, honest and accountable government that serves the public interest, and empowering ordinary people to make their voices heard in the political process.

National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC)
Joan E. Bertin, Executive Director
275 Seventh Ave., Ste. 1504
New York, NY 10001
212-807-6222; 212-807-6245 fax
Dedicated to protecting rights & principles guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Texas Democracy Foundation
Susan Longley, President
307 W. 7th St.
Austin, TX 78701
Publishes The Texas Observer, thorn in the side of the rich & corrupt, voice of the underdog.

Texas Center for Documentary Photography
Alan Pogue
2104 E. Martin Luther King Blvd
Austin, Texas 78702
512-478-8387 phone & fax
Texas’ premier photo documentarian preserves the people’s history.

Freedom Archives
Claude Marks, Director
522 Valencia St.
San Francisco. CA 94110
Preserving & making available the sounds & sights of past people's movements for today's activists.

Texas Freedom Network Education Fund
Kathy MIller, President/Executive Director
PO Box 1624
Austin, TX 78767
Protecting Texans against the distortions of religious

New Journalism Project/The Rag Blog
Alice Embree, Treasurer
PO Box 14672
Austin, TX 78761-4672
Progressive activists & journalists revive Austin's legendary underground newspaper, The Rag, online, a tool for
communication, analysis, & organization.

Kent State Truth Tribunal
Laurel Krause, Co Founder
P. O. Box 191
Mendocino, CA 95460
The Kent State Truth Tribunal helps to heal those involved in the Kent State murders on May 4, 1970, establish cause and effect, and shed light on who was responsible.

Texas Archive of Moving Image (TAMI)
Susan Durks
501 N. IH-35 Suite 204
Austin, TX 78702
TAMI's mission is to discover, preserve, make accessible,
and serve the community interest in Texas' moving image

Artist For Media Diversity
Barbra Kay
411 W. Monroe Street
Austin, TX 78704
Artists for Media Diversity is organized to foster awareness of the need for independent media voices in America, to provide assistance to emerging community-based or public media outlets and to promote musical and cultural diversity.